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Notice about Tuition Discount DMU offers 1,000RMBdiscount on tuitionor 1,000RMBdiscount on accommodation feefor existing self-funded Chinese language students who sign up for 2019spring semesters study and pay tuition by November9 th , 2018. Office in charge:Service Dep... Thursday 11,2018
Notice about Mid-autumn Festival & Chinese National Day Dear international students, According to the universitys notice, the holidaysarrangement is as follows: National Day: the 7-day holiday is from October 1 to 7. Class of October 4 (Thursday) will move to September 29 (Saturday); Class of Oc... Sunday 30,2018
Notice about Labor Day Dear Foreign Students: According to notice from school, there will be a 3-days break from April 29 th (Sunday) to May 1 st (Tuesday) for Labor Day. Classes will continue on April 28 th (Saturday) following class schedule of April 30 (Mond... Saturday 28,2018
Optional Courses for Chinese Language and Preparatory Students Chinese Language Students and Preparatory Program Students: International Students Education Center(ISEC)will open the following new optional courses to Chinese Language students and Preparatory Program students from May: No Course... Saturday 28,2018
Application for DMU Chinese Language Program (2017 Autumn Semester) is open now Requiredcourses Zero / Beginning Grammar, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Chinese Law for foreign students in China. Intermediate / Advanced Grammar, Comprehensive Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Chinese Survey, Chinese Law for Foreign... Wednesday 21,2017
2017 ANNUAL REVIEW OF CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP In accordance with the relevant regulations on the management of Chinese Government Scholarship, CSC students who continue to enjoy Chinese Government Scholarship Programs in academic year of 2017-2018 are requested to go through Annual Rev... Wednesday 12,2017
Notice for New Students Registration of 2017 Spring Semester Student Category: new students enrolled for 2017 Spring Semester ⅠTo-do list (Event+Time+Place) 1. Registration: March 6th-7th(8:30am-11:00am,1:30pm-4:30pm), lobby of 4th floor of IEC Teaching Building 2. Placement Test: March 8th(8:30am)... Friday 17,2017
Application Opens-2017 Chinese Government Scholarship & Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship DMU is now opening the application for 2016 Chinese Government Scholarship Program and Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship Program. Scholarship recipients will be exempted from application fee, tuition, and accommodation fee on campu... Tuesday 10,2017
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