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Notice of Teaching Assistantship
Thursday 03,2015
Intercultural Business Communication
Autumn Semester 每学年春季学期
Post description:
1. Three or four international students are needed as guest speakers for this course. These TAs are expected to come
from different cultures, covering geographical areas such as Europe, North (South) America, the Middle East and
Oceania etc.
2. Guest speakers are required to give a speech about the characteristics of their individual culture, including basic
cultural traditions, business etiquette, and ideally some successful business case studies from their motherland.
Furthermore, guest speakers are expected to share their personal experiences in intercultural communication. The
lecture is expected to last for about 1 hour.
3. There will be a Q& A session after the speech (which lasts about 30min), during which time students would ask
relevant intercultural questions, and exchange their opinions with guest speakers regarding some course-related
If you are interested in this position, please contact Bianca from the School of Foreign Languages.

·口译课助教 Teaching Assistants for Interpretation
一. 要求
1. 母语为英语,无严重口音;
English as native language and no strong accents.
2. 乐于与中国学生沟通、交流;
Enjoy interaction with Chinese students.
3. 态度严谨、认真,能够积极配合课堂教学,很好地完成个人工作。
Good team skills and capacity of basic teaching skills.
If you are interested in this assistantship program, please come to Office 410 for detailed information.