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Notice about Final Examination for Chinese Language Students
Tuesday 07,2016
Chinese Language Foreign Students:
The final examinations of this semester will be conducted from July 11th (Monday) to 13th (Wednesday). Please contact your teachers for the detailed information of examination time and classroom. For transcript and Completion Certificates, please read the following information carefully:
1. For those who need transcript and Completion Certificate, please go to 412 office before 17:00 July 11th (Monday) to register and take forms of clearance;
2. Those who have registered for transcript and Completion Certificates please go to 412 office between July 15th (Friday) to 22nd (Friday), submit forms of clearance and take above mentioned certificates;
3. The Completion Certificates will only be issued to students that will leave this university and not continue to study for next semester. For those who will continue to study here for next semester, the Completion Certificates will be issued when his/her study finishes.
4. One should meet all of the following requirements to get Completion Certificate: (1) More than 2/3 attendance for all classes;(2) Finish all assignments, homework, and tests; (3) Pass more than 2/3 of the final examinations; (4) Have paid all required fees and finished all required procedures; (5) With no serious violation of related rules and regulations; (6) Finish required forms of clearance (taken from 412 office).
5. Those who fail to register for transcripts and Completion Certificates on time will get them late.
6. Those who cannot take transcript and Completion Certificate by themselves can write an authorization letter to authorize some other people to take their certificates. The authorized people should show the authorization letter, his/her passport etc. to take Completion Certificates.