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Recruitment of Alumni Assistance Program
Thursday 27,2016
Dear all DMU alumni, 
In order to improve communication between current students and alumni as well as assist students with their personal development, DMU plans to initiate Alumni Assistance Program. The university invites alumni to contact current students and classes, offering them support and guidance in aspects such as school work, job-hunting, personal life, and workplace. We hereby are inviting you to join this program. Details are as follows.
DMU alumni who have graduated for more than 5 years
1. The Alumni Association will review the relevant information of applicants. If too many applications are received, the university will contact alumni and arrange related work by stages. 
2. Based on colleges, majors, and professions of alumni, the university will match alumni with related classes and start to contact between two parties. 
三:Program details
Alumni could use phone, e-mail, social network, face-to-face talks and other means to provide students with the following guidance:
1. Study guidance: Alumni need to help students in understanding their major and professional field, making effective training plan, choosing courses, and offering suggestions for academic fields. 
2. Job guidance: Combined with personal experiences, alumni need to assist students in forming a positively correct concept of employment, and giving instruction and guidance regarding job-choosing to help them find a good job after graduation. 
3. Life guidance: In this part, alumni need to help students form good life habits to take full advantage of time, give students care and encouragement about their on-campus life, and offer them help in solving problems encountered in life. 
4. Workplace guidance: Alumni need to coordinate students in setting targets and directions of professional development, finding proper position in workplace, and taking advantage of good chances to realize rapid development. 
We welcome international alumni of DMU to support Alumni Assistance Program
Contact & Application
Mr. Wang Qingming
Telephone: 0086-411-84723395