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Notice about Labor Day
Saturday 28,2018
 Dear Foreign Students:
According to notice from school, there will be a 3-day’s break from April 29th (Sunday) to May 1st (Tuesday) for Labor Day. Classes will continue on April 28th (Saturday) following class schedule of April 30 (Monday). 

Notice for safety
1、No drinking and disturbing.
2、Carry passport with you when you go out.
3、You should always look after your personal belongings wherever you go.
4、Pay attention to fire prevention and anti-theft, and make sure cut off the power, shut the windows and lock the door when you leave your room.
5、Anyone who are going to leave Dalian for travelling during the holiday must fill the request for leave at office 412 in advance. Take good care of belongings and ensure personal safety when you are traveling. Place great emphasis on the hotel's fire escape schematic, fire exits and so on.  

Wish you have a happy holiday!
International Students’ Education Center