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Foreign Professor Theo Notteboom Delivered an Academic Report to International Students
Thursday 12,2015

On the afternoon of November 12th, Theo Notteboom, a foreign professor of DMU and the former president of ITMMA (Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp) of University of Antwerp, Belgium, will deliver to international students an English academic report named “Current issues in European seaports: competition, cooperation and a changing market and policy environment”.
In the report, Professor Notteboom will employ some famous European seaports as example to introduce the current development conditions, competitiveness, and operation system of European seaports. Also, he will use the latest data to give students an in-depth analysis of European seaports’ future development trends, pointing out that seaports should realize cooperation while competing with each other, port authorities should design strategies regarding port services provision, logistics integration and hinterland penetration to promote overall competitiveness and meet market requirements.