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Congratulations on your completion of the study here. Please follow the following procedures for leaving the university, taking transcripts and related certificates. We hope you could make the most of what you have learned at DMU to realize your dream and make a difference to the world. No matter where you are, DMU is always here ready to support all of you and we wish you all the best for your future career and life. 
Procedures for leaving DMU
Degree Students
Graduating international students should obtain a “Form of Leaving the University” from Academic Affairs Office within required time after they have finished their study and finish the following procedures: 
(1) settle all related issues with the college where your major is affiliated to;
(2) cancel the student card and e-card;
(3) returned books to library and postgraduate students upload theses to library’s  
(4) settle related financial affairs;
(5) if living in the dormitory, check out and return keys;
(6) receive transcript and certificates;

Note: Students should leave the university within 2 weeks upon graduation or study completion. Those who leave the university without finishing above mentioned procedures will not be issued transcripts or certificates.

Non-degree Students
International students should obtain a “Form of Leaving the University” from Academic Affairs Office within required time after they have finished their study and finish the following procedures: 
(1) settle related financial affairs;
(2) cancel the student card;
(3) if living in the dormitory, check out and return keys;
(4) receive transcript and certificates;
Note: Students should leave the university within 2 weeks upon graduation or study completion. Those who leave the university without finishing above mentioned procedures will not be issued transcripts or certificates. Those who continue to study in the university for the next semester will be issued Completion Certificate when finishing the study in the future.