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The First Student Group from Sri Lanka Campus Visited DMU The group of 12 student representatives from Sri Lanka campus visited DMU from June 24th to July 3rd. As the first representatives chosen by DMU overseas campus, they received warm welcome. On June 25th, students visited DMU Exhibition Hall... Wednesday 04,2018
Goodbye DMU, Hello the world - A Series of Graduation Activities for DMU International Students How time flies! The graduation season has arrived. Do you still remember the time you just started learning Chinese with so much difficulty, the time you were a new student and couldnt find the classroom, or the time you were worried that y... Tuesday 03,2018
DMU International Students Participated in the Charity Activity of “English Class for Children of Migrant Workers” On the afternoon of June 27, an English teaching team composed of 7 DMU international students from 7 different countries went to Qingni Community of Zhongshan District to participate in a very meaningful charity activity - English Class fo... Thursday 28,2018
Staff of Thai Kasetsart University Visited International Students’ Education Center, DMU On the afternoon of June 14, staff of a ThaiKasetsart University visited International Students Education Center,Dalian Maritime University.JING Dinan, the Head of Admissions Office,ISEC, welcomed the 8 visitors which included the Dean of... Monday 25,2018
The Third DMU International Cultural Festival On the afternoon of June 19, the Third DMU International Cultural Festival was held in the ISEC square. A great many Chinese and international students got together at the festival, vice president Zhao Youtao addressed the audience and chie... Wednesday 20,2018
The International Students’ Education Center organized overseas students to participate in the main activity on Dragon Boat Festival Day - “Love Zonzi” activity - in the Qingniwa community of Zho On the afternoon of June 15, the International Students Education Center organized 20 overseas students from more then 10 countries to visit Qingniwa community of Zhongshan district and to participate in the main activity on Dragon Boat Fes... Saturday 16,2018
ISEC and Law School Jointly Held Chinese Corner Following the success of the previous two sessions of Chinese Corner, ISEC and Law School joint held the third session on June 6. On the afternoon of June 6, the third Chinese Corner was held in the lobby of ISEC. Over 20 Chinese students o... Wednesday 13,2018
ISEC and School of Shipping Economy and Management Jointly Held Chinese Corner The fourth Chinese Corner was held on the afternoon of June 13. Even if the weather was not good, students enthusiasm towards the activity was not affected at all. This time ISEC invited over 20 Chinese students from School of Shipping Econ... Wednesday 13,2018
WMU Study Group Visited ISEC On May 29, World Maritime University Study Group which consisted of 14 students visited International Students Education Center and took classes of traditional Chinese culture. In the calligraphy class, students learned writing Chinese char... Wednesday 30,2018
The Second Chinese Corner After the huge success of the first Chinese Corner, the second was held on the afternoon of May 30 with the same aim of enhancing communication between Chinese and international students. This time Chinese students from School of Environmen... Wednesday 30,2018
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