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The Eighth DMU Chinese Speech Contest for International Students
Monday 16,2015

On the afternoon of November 4th, the final of the Eighth DMU Chinese Speech Contest for International Students was held in Student Activity Center. A large number of people attended and watched the final, including Shan Hongjun, vice president of DMU, faculty from administration departments and professional schools, graduate supervisors, professors, the coordinator working for international students, and delegates of Chinese and international students. The final was hosted by International Education College (IEC), and assisted by Volunteers Association of Foreign Affairs (VAFA).

Shan Hongjun, vice president of DMU enthusiastically addressed the audience. He recalled his experience of studying in US as an international student and then shared sorrow and joy of studying abroad.
President Shan encouraged both Chinese and international students to study hard together to improve the ability of language expression and use while learning Confucianism. Also, he hoped DMU international students could employ the Chinese speech contest as an opportunity to appreciate the unique charm of Chinese culture and acquire unforgettable memory.     At last, President Shan wished good luck to all competitors and a big success to the Chinese speech contest.

After the competition in the preliminary contest, 16 competitors from 11 countries came to the final contest. Final competitors were divided into two groups – Confucian Group and Non-Confucian Group. 
Speech content of all competitors were diversified and attractive. Some was related to culture introduction and culture shock, including Elephant – The National Treasure, How Much Is Your Face, Weird Girl; some was about understanding and meaning of life, such as Dream Came True, Where Is the Perfection; some speeches were around illustrating life philosophy – Never Be an Angry Bird, Are You Poisoned; some competitors told moving or interesting stories such as You Are My Eyes, My Big Hero.
Among the break of the contest, there were wonderful shows performed by Chinese and international students – tap dance, and songs of Little Talks and Love VAFA. All performances sparkled charm of culture converging at DMU. 
Through intense competition, KIM JU HYOK, Law School student from Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and JUMANAZAROV KERVENNAZAR, Law School student from Turkmenistan, respectively won the first prize of Confucian Group and Non-Confucian Group with their speech of Who Is More Beautiful among Chinese Four Belles, and Don’t Panic, My Tatto Is Pretty. DUONG QUYNH ANH, Vietnamese student of Transportation and Management School, and MASSAMBA COURTOIS JOANES BENEDICTE from The Republic of Congo, a student from Environmental Science and Engineering School respectively won the second prize of the two groups.