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IEC Held Classmates Meetings for New and Returning Students
Thursday 01,2015
In order to make new international students (Class of 2015) get better involved in the academia and life of DMU, IEC held Classmates Meetings for Graduates and Undergraduates (Class of 2015) respectively on September 23rd, and 30th. Meetings, overall, were more like seminars, which invited returning students to communicate with new students from the same major. During the meeting, international students enthusiastically introduced themselves, and shared what they considered as interesting when they first came to China; returning students talked about their study and life experiences at DMU. In addition, undergraduates’ advisors were also invited to talk with international students. Over 80 international students attended Classmates Meetings, which offered new students a chance to socialize and communicate with their classmates from the same major. After meeting, students exchanged their contact information with each other. Everyone was looking forward to the brand new study life at DMU.