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“Laowai” Learned How to Make Homemade Jiaozi
Friday 29,2015
Jiaozi is one of the major foods eaten during the Chinese New Year. On May 21st, international students of IEC had the chance to learn making tradition Jiaozi in Chinese Corner (pinyin: hanyujiao). 
At the beginning, they viewed an authentic video about staple foods in Chinese culture. In part of the video, they learned why Chinese eat dumplings for Chinese New Year and the way to make dumplings. The class also discussed the true values of having homemade dumplings and the symbolic meaning. To give them hands-on experience with this Chinese custom, a dumpling-making activity was hosted afterwards. It was the very first time for many students to make their first Chinese dumplings. The students had fun making their “creatively” shaped dumplings. One of the students even announced that he was going to take the dumplings lessons when he returned home.

Foreign students finally tasted Jiaozi made by themselves and enjoyed the time in IEC, the home of international students in DMU.