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IEC Students visited the DMU’s Training Ship
Thursday 23,2015
For enriching students’ campus life and deepening the knowledge of ocean culture, students of IEC had the chance to visit the training ship of DMU, the Vessel Yukun.

YUKUN is the first training ship used for navigation education designated and built by China. It is also one of the most advanced ocean-going training vessels in the whole world. Compared with other such vessels, Yukun was more reasonable in inside structure design and was built only for graduation practice for students majoring in Navigation and Marine Engineering.

More than 100 international students of IEC showed their interests in visiting Yukun and went onboard the ship. With the introduction of both the Captain on Yukun and Chinese students of DMU (majoring in Navigation and Marine Engineering), the students visited the navigation bridge, engine room, ship cabin and lifeboats. It was the first time for many students to get some insight of shipping knowledge, it made them feel even prouder to be a student of DMU.