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2015 Spring OITP Program Came to a Successful End
Saturday 18,2015
IEC successfully held the 2015 Spring Singapore Polytechnic OITP Program ended on 17th April.
In this year, 18 students from Singapore Maritime Academy, Singapore Polytechnic joined this program and spent six-week time studying and living on DMU campus. At the beginning of the program, SMA students took two weeks studying and living on DMU’s research ship, the Vessel YUKUN. They studied knowledge about daily management and maintenance of marine engines, engine room log book and routine duty on board. The basic knowledge conveyed directly perceived feeling to future life on the sea. As all of the 18 students are majored in Marine Engine, it was a great chance for them to know parts of the ship engine on board and how it works. 
In the following four weeks, students studied different academic courses. They also participated in different entertainments like city tour, Chinese culture practice and some other interesting exercises. The students enjoyed themselves studying and entertaining with DMU students and were deeply touched by the glorious history and deep culture of China in the same time.

IEC has a long and proud history of welcoming students from SMA. All of the 18 students were fully satisfied and enjoyed their stay in DMU in this year. The success of OITP program marks a new era for further communication and cooperation between DMU and SMA.