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Graduation Ceremony of Autumn Semester 2014
Friday 09,2015
The graduation ceremony of Autumn Semester 2014 was held on January 9th 2015 in Sea Saloon. Representatives of teachers and students from International Education College attended this event.
At the very beginning of this event, the deputy dean of IEC, Ms. Peng Xuefei, expressed her warm greetings and congratulations to all the graduates of this year. She encouraged foreign students to continue to study Chinese language after they finish learning and go back to their motherland. She also expected them to be the cross-cultural envoys between China and World in the future. Meantime, she thanked all the teachers of IEC for their contributions and efforts.


MELNIKOVA ALENA from Russia and AMISI JARED ONDIEKI from Kenya made speeches on the stage as representatives of language study graduate and academic study respectively. They expressed their appreciations for good education and warm care received along with the other graduates.