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The Seminar for International Juniors and Seniors
Tuesday 22,2015
In order to help international juniors and seniors smoothly finish learning tasks of this semester, as well as inform them notices regarding academic issues of this and next semester, IEC Office of Academic Affairs, on December 2nd, 2015, held a seminar for international juniors and seniors at 1:30 pm in the 4th floor meeting room. On the seminar, students were informed the important academic notices of this semester, including juniors’ on-ship internship and other fieldwork of this and next semester, seniors’ thesis topic choice and deadline, how to use the on-line academic system to check the completion status of the training plan and choose courses, arrangement of the finals and the holiday schedule, reminders of make-up exams and course choosing at the beginning of next semester, make-up exams registration and the exam arrangement before graduation in next semester, and issues regarding graduation thesis writing and oral defense, etc. Also, questions about academics raised by international students were answered in details.

Through this seminar, international juniors and seniors got a better understanding of the recent and upcoming important academic issues and arrangement, which was beneficial for their future study arrangement.