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IEC Participated in 2016 International Education Expo in Mongolia
Friday 03,2016
From April 22 to 25, 2016, International Education College (IEC) of Dalian Maritime University (DMU) was invited to participate in the International Education Expo held in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. The aim of this participation is to get a better understanding of the learning condition of Mongolian students, introduce Dalian Maritime University, and attract more Mongolian students to come study at DMU.
At 10am of April 22, the International Education Expo was declared open. DMU, as one of the most prestigious Chinese universities, attracted lots of attention from Mongolian students and parents. They asked for information about application procedures, accommodation, scholarship issues, etc. IEC delegates patiently answered all their questions in details. 

IEC delegates were warmly greeted by DMU Mongolian alumni. Delegates, on behalf of all staff of IEC, held a small alumni meeting and brought alumni some exquisite presents. Over the meeting, we got to know that alumni all had a good career development after graduating from DMU - working for Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, Mongolian famous enterprises, etc.
Alumni deeply missed the time when they studied at DMU and expressed their gratitude to DMU, their Alma Mater, for cultivating them to become talents in different fields. We are so proud of our alumni for what they have achieved. 

Apart from attending the Expo, IEC delegates also visited some local key schools, and initiated the cooperation between two parties.


Participation of this Expo lays a solid foundation for organizing DMU Alunmi Association in Mongolia, and establishing long-term cooperation with Mongolian prestigious schools. Also, this visit is beneficial in expanding the fame and influence of DMU, as well as attracting more Mongolian students to study at DMU.