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IEC Swimming Team Made a Historical Achievement in 2016 DMU Swimming Competition
Monday 20,2016
On June 5th 2016, DMU swimming competition was held at the university natatorium.IEC swimming team composed of 10 students from 5 countries made a historical achievement in this competition.  

Following are the competition results:
Men 50m freestyle stroke:YAKIMENKO VADIM (Russia), No.1
Men 50m butterfly stroke:GRIGAITIS LINAS (Lithuania), No.1
Men 50m backstroke:GRIGAITIS LINAS (Lithuania), No.2
Men 100m freestyle stroke:YAKIMENKO VADIM (Russia), No.1
Women 50m breaststroke:CVOROVIC IVANA (Montenegro), No.2
Women 50m freestyle stroke:CVOROVIC IVANA (Montenegro), No.3
4x50 freestyle stroke relay: IEC, No. 2
4x50 breaststroke relay: IEC, No. 3