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Mid-autumn Tea Party
Tuesday 27,2016
On the eve of Mid-autumn Festival, IEC held a tea party to have international students taste the traditional festival food - mooncakes, and also get a better understanding of Chinese culture.


The tea party attracted lots of international students, during which every one wrote down their name on the name tag to make themselves known by others, VAFA members introduced this traditional festival including customs, and food.
Not only mooncakes but flower tea was also served. After enjoying the refreshment, students played a small game - every one passed on one mooncake along with the music, the person who was holding the mooncake while the music was off had to introduce himself. This game brought the tea party much fun.


Afterwards, VAFA members and international students exchanged ideas about study and life at DMU. International students also introduced some traditional festivals of their home country. 
Through today’s activity, students present made friends with each other, and experienced traditional Chinese culture, leaving them a wonderful memory. VAFA hopes activities like this would bring warmth and happiness to international students, making them feel at home.