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IEC Second International Cultural Festival
Tuesday 27,2016
On September 24, IEC Second International Cultural Festival and Welcome Party was held at IEC square. Hosted by IEC and assisted by VAFA as well as AISA, the Festival attracted international students and teachers from over 70 countries. 


The Festival was composed of two parts: culture exhibition and cuisine tasting. On the central stage, international students took turns to introduce culture of their country via videos, presentations, sings, dances, etc. Some shows were first presented and made a hit, such as Muscle Show, Clothing Show, and Traditional Chinese Culture Show. 
In all country’s booths run by international students, more than 100 types of dishes from over 30 countries were served which attracted numbers of people to come and taste. International students wore traditional clothes of their country, happily introducing their unique customs and cuisine. Everyone present were involving in the fun and harmony brought by cultural diversity.
With dusk coming, IEC 2016 Welcome Party was announced started which featured more than 20 amazing shows performed by international and Chinese students. Youth, energy, talent, and fun definitely were the key words to describe the party. 

This International Cultural Festival is an integral part of DMU extracurricular activities, which offers a stage for international students to show their talents, as well as creates a bridge for the communication between international and Chinese students.