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IEC Second Fun Games
Tuesday 25,2016
On the afternoon of October 20, the Second Fun Games for International Students were announced open at IEC basketball court. At the beginning, all participants drew lots to form four teams named red, yellow, blue, and green with each team led by one teacher. 

The first game was Kangaroo Jump. This was a relay which needed each team to choose four players. The team that first finished the relay was the winner. Students’enthusiasm for the Fun Games was aroused by the relay.

Next game was called The More, The Better. Students altogether were asked to stand on game mats. While more mats were gradually removed, it became harder and harder to stand together. At last, the team with the most students standing on mats won.

Holding a Ping-pong was the third game. This game required competence of using chopsticks. It turned out students from Japan and Korea excelled. Following fun games included Three People with Four Legs, Protecting Balloons, and Cookie Eating. As happy as they were, students maintained interests through all games.

The last was Rope Jumping Competition.Although it sounded easy, all team players jumped over the rope altogether was very challenging. Students tried their best to make it happen, which demonstrated the power of teamwork.


The weather is getting colder in autumn, however students feel warm inside their heart while they live and study at IEC.Involved in the harmonious atmosphere, students from different parts of the globe get along with each other like a family.