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Training Ship of Mokpo National Maritime University Visited DMU
Thursday 27,2016
On October 24th, the training ship of Mokpo National Maritime University (Korea) visited Dalian Maritime University. Peng Xuefei, associate dean of International Education College, met the captain and other six professors. The two parties reviewed history of cooperation, and discussed issues about future exchange programs as well as short-term study trips. 

After the meeting, Captain and his fellows visited IEC teaching building and students’ dormitory. Some international students from Korea accompanied them and took pictures together. 

Guided by VAFA members, 160 students from Mokpo National Maritime University visited DMU campus and Exhibition Hall of School History.
DMU training ship Yu Kun paid a visit to Korea in 2008, during which DMU fellows visited Mokpo National Maritime University and conducted some exchange in culture, sports, and navigational skills.