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Ninth DMU International Students’Chinese Speech Contest
Monday 05,2016
On the afternoon of November 23, Ninth DMU International Students’Chinese Speech Contest was successfully held at the Student Activity Center, which was hosted by International Education College and assisted by Volunteer Association of Foreign Affairs. Faculty of some university departments and professional schools, international and Chinese students watched the contest as audience. 11 contestants from 7 countries came to the final round after the preliminary contest.

Contestants’ speeches were very impressive with creative topics, such as Not Knowing the Word Is Not a Problem which introduces cultural differences; Men Are from Mars While Women Are from Venus, Happiness Observer, which both demonstrate personal feelings towards life; Do Not Wait until Tomorrow which illustrates life philosophy; The Most Beautiful Encountering, Chinese - Hard to Say Love you, both of which share with audience interesting personal stories and anecdotes. During the halftime, talent shows performed by both Chinese and international students amazed audience, bringing much joy to the contest.


Through furious competition, PAK SIN HYOK from Democratic People's Republic of Korea, a senior student majoring in Law, won the first place with his speech titled Where Does Time Elapse.