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2017 Overseas Industrial Program of Singapore Polytechnic Came to a Successful End
Friday 07,2017
From March 17 to 24, 31 students and faculty from Maritime Division of Singapore Polytechnic attended 2017 Overseas Industrial Program (OIP)at DMU.

This program was composed of Chinese culture experiencing, local city exploring, DMU visiting, etc. In terms of local city exploring, students walked along the seaside road, went to one plantation to pick up strawberries, and visited modern museums to appreciate the charm of Dalian. Through activities like tea arts, making pottery, dumplings and kites, students were amazed by the profound and extensive Chinese culture. Additionally, students visited DMU campus and the history museum, boarded Ship Yukun to get a close look at some ship machines and simulators. Also, students from Singapore Polytechnic exchanged with DMU students, getting a better understanding of each other. 

Professor Liu Bin and Doctor Wei Yi of DMU respectively gave a lecture to students around the topics of Effect of One Belt One Road to Shipping, and Auto-control Diesel Engine. Students and faculty of both sides conducted deep exchange about some hot spot issues.
This program attracted 29 students and 2 faculty members of Singapore Polytechnic. The number reached a record high. This is the first time students of Maritime Commerce attend the program since 2011 when the two universities initiated exchange programs.