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Third IEC Fun Games
Wednesday 26,2017
On April 20, the Third IEC Fun Games were held at IEC basketball court. At 2pm, all international students present drew lots to form four teams named pink, yellow, blue, and green with each team led by one Chinese teacher.

The first game was Kangaroo Jump which needed each team to choose four players to complete the relay. The second was also a relay called Two People with Three Legs that required six players of each team to participate. Cookie Eating was the third game. Each team needed three students and whichever team finished first would be the winner. As games continued, students’ passion was being raised gradually.
The More, The Better was the favorite among all. Students altogether were asked to stand on game mats. While mats were continuously removed, it became harder and harder to stand on mats together. At last, the team with the most students standing together won. Protecting the Balloon was regarded the most classic - two players formed a group standing back to back to keep one balloon from dropping; while protecting their own balloon, each group also had to attack other groups’ balloon; the winner would be the group having maintained the balloon safe and sound.  

The Fun Games came to the end after the gift-awarding. Through the activity, international students and teachers created a beautiful memory. Not only did they acquired lots of fun, but also valuable friendship and teamwork spirit.