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Come to Chinese Tea Shops, Experience Chinese Tea Culture
Saturday 27,2017
Take it up, put it down... Procedures of making a cup of tea look so simple but have profound meaning and a long history. What leaves is inconstancy, what stays is life. While making tea, one could explore the meaning of life. With tea offered, we will be waiting for you...
On May 26th, over 10 IEC international students from Thailand, South Korea, and Japan, guided by Ms. Zhang Di who is teaching Chinese Tea Art and Culture, came to Dalian Jin Ma Tea Shop to experience the tea art and stories behind it.

Students tasted various types of traditional Chinese tea, such as grean tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, dark green tea, jasmine tea, etc. Through the taste, their interest in Chinese tea was dramatically raised so that they turned to experienced master in the shop for more related knowledge.
The activity of “Come to Chinese Tea Shops, Experience Chinese Tea Culture” has been successfully held for 5 times until now. The optional course - Chinese Tea Art and Culture - has attracted more and more international students through 5 semesters. The teaching style of making theory and practice combined is a highlight which makes it popular and praised among students.