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Experiencing Chinese Culture - Dumplings Making
Friday 16,2017
On June 12, with the guidance of Ms. Zhang Di, teacher of Chinese Tea Arts and Culture, over 10 IEC international students visited the world first Museum of Dumplings to experience Chinese culture.

Students first through the video clips got a better understanding of dumplings’ origin and development, and then took a look at various kinds of dumplings in the world exhibition hall. In the custom exhibition hall, they learned some festivals, solar terms, stories and proverbs relating to dumplings, among which the proverb “If you don’t eat dumplings on the Winter Solstice, your ears will be frozen.” made students laugh to tears.
Highlight of the activity was Dumplings DIY. International students put on apron and headband, as well as washed hands to get fully prepared. The dumpling master introduced must-have materials and tools. After watching how the master made dumplings, students started to make it themselves. For most of them, it was their first time making dumplings, which they considered very fun. Students said it was a very enjoyable experience of eating the dumplings they made and cooked all by themselves.

The activity of Experiencing Chinese Culture plays an important role in enriching students’ extracurricular life, offering them a good chance to get a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese traditional culture, as well as keeping close to each other among international students.