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Advanced Training Class of Law Enforcement of Kyrgyzstan National Security Committee Visited Dalian Maritime University
Friday 16,2017
June 7th to 9th, 18-person advanced training class of law enforcement of Kyrgyzstan National Security Committee  visited Dalian Maritime University. The training was initiated by International Cooperation Bureau of Ministry of Public Security and hosted by the international judicial exchange & cooperation training base of SCO.

This training class was led by chief of Kyrgyzstan delegation and Professor Chen Xiao, deputy secretary general of the international judicial exchange & cooperation training base of SCO.During the visit, trainees visited DMU campus, Exhibition Hall of School History, the navigation simulator, as well as DMU training ship, Ship Yukun, through which they got a better understanding of DMU historical inheritance, distinct shipping feature, and excellent academic atmosphere.

Also, the training class went to Blue Shark Police Team for research and attended the lecture given by Law School Professor Yan Tieyi with the name of Introduction to Law Enforcement System of Chinese Sea.