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International Students Awards Granting Ceremony of 2016-2017 Academic Year
Monday 10,2017
IEC Awards Granting Ceremony for international students of 2016-2017 academic year was held on the afternoon of June 23. Over 150 students from 18 countries and faculty representatives were invited to the ceremony.
The first part was to grant personal awards which covered 10 items for 73 students - Dalian Governmental Scholarship for international students, DMU Scholarship for Outstanding Graduates, and Scholarship for Outstanding New Students.
In the part of culture and sports awarding, IEC football team, basketball team, swimming team and others which excelled in various activities went on the stage to accept awards and watched each video clip recording their activities together with audience. 
With the aim of encouraging international students to study hard and attract more excellent students to learn at DMU, the scholarship pack for outstanding international students was set up from 2013, which by now has already benefited 279 students.