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ISEC Successfully Held Activities for Welcoming New International Students
Thursday 15,2018
At the beginning of 2018 Spring semester, we welcomed new students from around the world, they came to study and live at the International Students’ Education Center (ISEC) of Dalian Maritime University(DMU) with their respective “Chinese Dream”. In order to make newcomers quickly integrate into the new environment, ISEC prepared a series of new activities with Chinese, Dalian and DMU characteristics.
February 26th to 27th was a registration time for new students , ISEC temporarily set up a registration service hall on the first floor in the teaching building in order to simplify the process of registration of new and old students . This arrangement gave international students a nice impression of ISEC on meticulous, considerate service and efficient work attitude in the first day.

In March 2nd, it was the Chinese traditional festival - Lantern Festival. ISEC Volunteer students organized a "Lantern Festival -DMU Chinese Festival" as the theme of the Chinese corner and introduced the origin of the Lantern Festival and the traditional custom to them. They also tasted Chinese traditional food - sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour together and communicated traditional festivals and customs of various countries in warm and harmonious atmosphere.

March 3rd was new students’ first weekend at DMU, in order to make students familiar with the campus environment in time, ISEC organized the “campus tour” theme of practical activity and carefully designed routes which covered all the places that their study and life closely relate to. Through this activity, the students had much more understanding of DMU and increased their emotion with DMU.

In the afternoon of March 5th , the police officers from Dalian Entry and Exit Administration Bureau came to ISEC to carry out Chinese legal publicity and visa interview for the new students. Also they gave a detailed explanation of the laws and regulations that the foreign students need to know in China. After that the representative of each office of ISEC introduced the responsibilities of their offices and all staff to the new students in order to make them have a further understanding and familiar with the ISEC and let their life and study at DMU more convenient.

March 8th is International Women's Day and “2018 Spring Semester Freshmen Party” was held in the afternoon by all the teachers and students under the support of our director. With the combination of lighting, music and gourmet food, the colorful programs and warm atmosphere made the students feel the warmth of the family.

On March 10th, ISEC organized a "CITY TOUR" activity for students which received a positive feedback from the new and old students . During the"CITY TOUR", the students visited Xinghai Square, Donggang Conference and Exhibition Center, fisherman's Wharf, North Bridge, Binhai Road, Xinghai Bay Bridge and the other beautiful places of Dalian. It was the first time for most of the new students had a overview of Dalian , and they admired the beauty and fashion of this romantic port city.

Through the above mentioned activities, the new students quickly became familiar with the campus, more understanding of Dalian and more like China. We believe that foreign students will have a happy study life in DMU.