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WMU Study Group Visited ISEC
Wednesday 30,2018
On May 29, World Maritime University Study Group which consisted of 14 students visited International Students’ Education Center and took classes of traditional Chinese culture.

In the calligraphy class, students learned writing Chinese characters for the first time. Students learned that a simple character, fu, encompasses five character patterns - zi, tian, cai, shou, fu, which separately means more offsprings, more lands, more intelligence, longevity, and blessings. Through the class, students acquired a better understanding of Chinese characters.

During the class of Tea Art, students sat around the table drinking various types of Chinese tea and listening to the presentation about tea culture. They expressed that drinking tea was an ideal way to enjoy life.

After the classes of traditional Chinese culture, WMU students together with DMU international students learned making dumplings - the most classical Chinese food for every traditional festival. With the demonstration and help of teachers, students tried to make dumplings from making the flour wrapper to filling the stuffing. Even if they were not skilled, they were highly focused.

The series of traditional Chinese culture classes ended with WMU students satisfied. They got a deeper understanding of profound and extensive Chinese culture through calligraphy, tea art and traditional food.