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The Third DMU International Cultural Festival
Wednesday 20,2018
On the afternoon of June 19, the Third DMU International Cultural Festival was held in the ISEC square. A great many Chinese and international students got together at the festival, vice president Zhao Youtao addressed the audience and chiefs of related university departments also attended it including Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, International Students’ Education Center, etc.

During the opening ceremony President Zhao expressed that this was a festival for all international students to demonstrate their own culture, a festival for all ethnic groups to communicate, and a festival which embodied DMU spirit. Also, he hoped that all students could make the most of this opportunity to fully demonstrate the features and highlights of their cultures, and that everyone could exchange and had a better understanding of each other.

The Cultural Festival was composed of two parts: culture demonstration and performance party. In the first part, audience could watch video clips introducing each country while tasting food and appreciating customs or handicrafts which represented each country’s features. Under each booth, international students danced with songs, enthusiastically promoted their food, or happily talked with each other. Here you could enjoy global food and experience different cultures without traveling abroad. Today DMU is a bridge linking various ethnic groups and a stage for all students to communicate.

With the good vibes of Samoa traditional dance, the second part - performance party began at 7pm. Students from Uzbekistan, Laos, South Korea, North Korea, Palestine, Thailand, Columbia, and Mongolia performed songs and dances of their own countries. Artists from Folk Artists Association performed traditional Chinese arts and songs. Students from Vietnam, Togo, South Africa, Russia, Kenya etc. sang popular songs in Chinese or English, creating a wonderful atmosphere. Students from One Belt One Road countries together performed the song I Love you China. They wanted to use this song to express their love towards China. At last, the party ended with warm applause and beautiful fireworks.

The International Cultural Festival was hosted by ISEC, and assisted by several DMU departments as well as Folk Artist Association. This activity demonstrated cultures of different countries, highlighted the positive spirit of DMU students, and also embodied the university spirit of tolerance and progress. With work of studying in China coming into a new era, more cultural activities will be held to advance the cause and promote the university’s internationalization.