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Goodbye DMU, Hello the world - A Series of Graduation Activities for DMU International Students
Tuesday 03,2018
How time flies! The graduation season has arrived. Do you still remember the time you just started learning Chinese with so much difficulty, the time you were a new student and couldn’t find the classroom, or the time you were worried that you might fail any class? No pain, no gain. Through years of efforts, today you have grown up and become maturer than before; most importantly, you are going to graduate. We are so happy that we have accompanied you on the whole path.
During the graduation season, we would like to continue doing something for you, so we hold a series of graduation activities.
We prepared thank-you cards for you. There must be many people who once helped you during your study here, such as your friends, teachers, apartment administrator, canteen waiters, etc. You could write down on the card anything you want to say and give it to them to express your gratitude. Feel free to take the cards if you need more. 

We also collected some beautiful pictures of your daily life and made them a picture wall, hoping your smiles and achievements could warm and inspire the big family of international students.
You all looked amazing in the academic regalia. When you were attending the graduation ceremony sitting in the auditorium, when you came on the stage and the president moved your hat tassel, we were as excited as you. You are our biggest pride.

Temporarily put aside books and papers and invite your family and friends to celebrate with you. We prepared a gala for you. When we sang My Love, everyone was touched and we saw tears coming down your cheeks. We know your tears silently expressed your love for DMU.
As you are going to start a new journey, please take the gift exclusively for you including pictures and videos which record your life at DMU. We hope the gift could help you keep a beautiful memory and bring you courage for moving on.

Graduation is definitely not an end but a new beginning. Please remember DMU motto - to acquire universal knowledge and to offer virtuous assistance, DMU spirit - tolerant and progressive, and the solemn graduation oath. Finally, we hope you could make a difference to the world and may you a bright future.