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Director of the National Remote Sensing Center of the Ministry of science and technology visited to DMU for guidance
Tuesday 04,2018

The “2018 International Training Workshop on Bei Dou Technology and Its Applications”, sponsored by the National Remote Sensing Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology,China and co-sponsored by the Information Science Technology College and the International Students’ Education Center of DMU, held a opening ceremony in the International Conference on September 3rd. Mr. Wang Qi’an, the director of the National Remote Sensing Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology,China; Mr. Shui Min, the director of the Navigation and Space Exploration Department of the National Remote Sensing Center; Mr. Shi Chuang, deputy-chief of experts’ team on National Key R&D Projects; Mr. Lu Yang Xiaoyi, the director of the National Remote Sensing Center and prof. Sun Yuqing, the president of Dalian Maritime University, attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by prof. Zhao Youtao, the vice-president of Dalian Maritime University.
After the opening ceremony, Wang Qi’an and his colleagues held a discussion with the relevant leaders of DMU in Room 822 of the administrative building. The discussion was hosted by Professor Zhao Youtao, vice-president of DMU.
On behalf of DMU, Prof. Sun Yuqing extended a warm welcome to Wang Qi’an, and briefed the guests on the discipline construction and scientific research development of DMU. He pointed out that as a key national university affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, a key national "211 Project" construction university and a national "first-class discipline" construction university, the DMU attaches great importance to the discipline construction work and the level of scientific research capacity. The Information Science Technology College, as the key construction department of the school's "double first-class" disciplines, has been mostly used in the field of transportation for a long time , fully responding to the national strategy of ocean power, and actively supporting the construction of transportation power in the field of information system research and development. He also expressed his gratitude to the leading experts for their support and help in the scientific research work of our university, and looked forward to establishing closer ties with the National Remote Sensing Center in future and cooperating to promote the construction of "double first-class" at DMU.
Mr. Wang Qi’an spoke on behalf of the guests. He first expressed his gratitude to the relevant departments and staff responsible for the organization of the training course, and introduced the basic situation of the National Remote Sensing Center. He pointed out that relying on the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Center began to operate independently in 2004, mainly responsible for National Remote Sensing project management, such as project establishment, implementation and evaluation. With the improvement of the state's position in the field of international scientific research, the research and development projects of the Center have strategic security significance in the country, especially the technology research and development and promotion in the overseas market of the country have far-reaching practical impact. The Information Science and Technology College of DMU is one of the business departments set up by the Center in Dalian. The cooperation and scientific research between the two sides have tended to be stable and normalized. In future, the Center will focus on data integration and sharing among regional business departments, working together to strengthen the national science and technology strategy.
Subsequently, the relevant leaders from responsible department and college spoke separately.
After the discussion, the guests from the Center conducted research work on the Dalian Business Department of our National Remote Sensing Center at DMU.
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Introduction to the National Remote Sensing Center,China
The business areas of the National Remote Sensing Center have expanded from remote sensing and GIS technology to remote sensing and GIS.The technology of earth observation and navigation based on satellite navigation and space exploration.The National Remote Sensing Center takes the management of the Earth Observation and Navigation Technology as the core of the National Science and Technology Plan, with the emphasis on improving the capability of independent innovation in the field. It is featured by military-civilian cooperation and international cooperation. Through the "small core, large network", the National Earth Observation and Navigation Technology Field is condensed to develop strategic emerging industries. To achieve this goal, we should develop the geospatial information industry with the emphasis on remote sensing, geographic information system and navigation positioning.