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China-SCO Anti-terrorism Seminar was Held at DMU
Friday 28,2018
From September 23th to 28th, China-SCO Anti-terrorism Seminar was held at Dalian Maritime University. The seminar, lasting 6 days, consisted of 21 trainees from 5 SCO members - Russia, Kyrghyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

On September 18th, the seminar was declared to open in Shanghai, which was initiated by International Cooperation Bureau of China Ministry of Public Security, assisted by Shanghai PSB, and hosted by the global judicial exchange training base of SCO. The Vice-president of DMU, Zhao Youtao, attended the opening ceremony and communicated with the General Secretary,Почетный гость.

On September 23th, all trainees arrived at Dalian. On the morning of September 24th , Prof. Zhao accompanied trainees to visit Ship Yukun, one of DMU training vessels.

On September 25th, the President of DMU, Prof. Sun Yuqing and the Vice-president of DMU, Prof. Zhao Youtao met all trainees. Prof. Sun welcomed everyone and expressed that under the initiative of One Belt One Road, DMU as the only key university of Ministry of Transport would attach great importance to talent cultivating, academic exchange and intelligence support for countries of One Belt On Road and SCO members. In October 2017, DMU succeeded in founding Dalian Center of SCO Global Judicial Exchange Training Base. Supported by the Base, DMU held 4 training seminars for advanced law enforcement officials from
Kyrghyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Belarus and Uzbekistan. This is the first time DMU hold China-SCO Anti-terrorism Seminar and the president hoped that through the seminar all trainees could get a better understanding of One Belt One Road, the two parties could realize more cooperation and welcome more SCO members to come visit DMU.

Trainee representatives extended thanks to DMU for the warm welcome and expressed that this was a very good chance for them to have an overall understanding of the university and China. It was believed the seminar would become a start for future cooperation in more fields.

Trainees visited DMU Exhibition Hall of School History, Ship Yukun, the navigation simulator, on-land cabin, etc. They also listened to lectures given by Professor Zhang Renping and Professor Wang Zan; took classes of Chinese Tea Arts and Calligraphy; visited China-Soviet Friendship Tower in Lv Shun.

On the morning of September 27, the closing ceremony was held at DMU. Attendees included deputy secretary general of SCO global judicial exchange training base - Chen Xiao, the Vice-president Zhao Youtao, and section chiefs of International Cooperation and Exchange Office and ISEC. The ceremony was hosted by Wang Wei, the vice director of SCO global judicial exchange training base.

Zhao Youtao congratulated all trainees for completing the training and said that SCO is the significant platform for SCO members’ cooperation in anti-terrorism. Under the background of friendly exchange in politics, economy and culture among countries, DMU as China’s higher education institute in navigation has actively responded to the One Belt One Road Initiative and has been dedicated to playing a role in talents cultivating, academic exchange and intelligence support for countries alongside One Belt One Road and SCO members. This is the first time DMU hold China-SCO Anti-terrorism Seminar. Through the seminar, trainees attended lectures, experienced traditional Chinese culture, visited Ship Yukun, Exhibition Hall and others. He hoped that their visit to DMU could enhance future exchange and cooperation.

Wang Wei made the address to all and congratulated all 21 trainees for their training completion. He expressed that with the shared effort this seminar was very successful. Also, he pointed out that supported by SCO all members would carry out more exchanges in law enforcement and anti-terrorism; accordingly, the mutual friendship would be promoted.

Trainee from Kyrghyzstan,
Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan representatives respectively delivered speeches. They showed sincere gratitude to institutes which made this seminar hold successfully. Through the seminar they not only acquired related theories but also went to visit several police institutes, getting a hands-on experience of China anti-terrorism work and lots of inspiration. They hoped more cooperation would be carried out in the future.

Vice-president Zhao Youtao awarded the completion certificates to 21 trainees.

With the intense schedule, this seminar has made all trainees get a good understanding of DMU navigation cultivation and cutting-edge facilities, a better experience of traditional Chinese culture as well as a comprehensive understanding of the friendship between China and SCO. It is not exaggerated that the seminar plays an integral role in promoting cultural exchange and cooperative relationship between countries.