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DHL Job Fair for International Students
Monday 29,2018
On the afternoon of October 25, DHL job fair for international students was held at ISEC. Over 30 students from Africa and Middle East countries majoring in Logistics Engineering attended it and talked with the manager of senior business development department, DHL.

The job fair aimed to provide international students with more working chances and a better platform to exchange with the enterprise. At the beginning, manager Cai Xiao made an introduction to the general condition and business of DHL. Students listened carefully, asked questions and actively interacted with the manager.

Students showed great interest in the future development of the jobs. Manager Cai answered students’ questions concerning working details, future chances, business development, etc. At last, he gave students his contact information and hoped he could offer students help either in study or work related issues.

Through the job fair, international students got a clearer mind of future job hunting and reinforced confidence in their pursuit of dream jobs. It is hoped that everyone will find an ideal job after graduation.