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ISEC Organized Confucius Culture Learning Activity
Wednesday 31,2018
In order to raise international students’ interest in Chinese learning and improve their communication competence, ISEC organized a four-day practice activity - Confucius Culture Learning.

On October 23, international students went to Qu Fu, the hometown of Confucius, and visited the place where Confucius used to teach students. After listening to the guide’s introduction, students acquired a general understanding of Confucianism and took photos with the historical site.

 On October 24, students came to take a special Chinese culture course at Confucius Culture Park which is a Confucian theme park combined with gardens, tourism, shopping, performances and Chinese culture lectures. Students first experienced playing the Chinese zither and then together performed a Chinese-featured song under the teacher’s guidance.

 Later students learned how to make rubbings.

At last they experienced Chinese Tea Arts and shared with each other the tea they brewed by themselves.

In the afternoon, everyone took bus to Tai’an for appreciating the famous Chinese Shadow Puppetry which is an intangible cultural heritage. The uniqueness of it is that in one performance there are at most only two to three performers, each of whom sometimes plays several roles. The fantastic performances amazed students and they were eager to learn how to perform it in the backstage.

On October 25, students climbed Mount Tai and visited some well-known sites on the mountain such as Tianjie, Palace of Qingdi, etc.

On October 26, the group went to Jinan to visit Baotu Spring, which is known as the First Spring in the World. After that, students visited another tourist attraction - Daming Lake. The lake is famous for its beautiful scenery and clear water. While appreciating these places, students took many photos.

During this activity, both the tour guide and Chinese teacher have involved learning content into the fun visits. Therefore international students not only improved their Chinese communication competence, but also got a better understanding of Chinese culture and society. For them this is a fruitful tour and has also become a beautiful memory.