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Study Trip of Thai University League Was Held at ISEC From October 15 to 27, 2018 StudyTripof Thai University League was held at ISEC of DMU. Over 20 Thai teenagers attended the study trip. During the 14 days, students not only learned Chinese, but also took some courses concerning traditional... Thursday 01,2018
ISEC Organized Confucius Culture Learning Activity In order to raise international students interest in Chinese learning and improve their communication competence, ISEC organized a four-day practice activity - Confucius Culture Learning. On October 23, international students went to Qu Fu,... Wednesday 31,2018
DHL Job Fair for International Students On the afternoon of October 25, DHL job fair for international students was held at ISEC. Over 30 students from Africa and Middle East countries majoring in Logistics Engineering attended it and talked with the manager of business developme... Monday 29,2018
DMU International Students of Vietnam - NGUYEN VAN TRUONG Was Invited to “Study in China” Doctoral Forum On October 19, the opening ceremony of Study in China of the 52 nd Higher Education Expo was held in Chengdu.NGUYEN VAN TRUONG was invited to attend the ceremony and related doctoral forum. Study in China aims to share achievements of China... Thursday 25,2018
ISEC Chinese-Korean Seminar On the afternoon of October 9, ISEC Chinese-Korean Seminar was held in the Traditional Tea Room. Over 20 international students from South Korea attended it and exchanged with Chinese students from School of Transportation Engineering. The... Thursday 11,2018
ISEC Held a Series of Activities for New International Students In September, the harvest season, 167 international students from every part of the world came to DMU. In order to have new comers adapt into the new journey, ISEC held a series of activities. On the first day of welcoming new students, ISE... Sunday 30,2018
China-SCO Anti-terrorism Seminar was Held at DMU From September 23th to 28th, China-SCO Anti-terrorism Seminar was held at Dalian Maritime University. The seminar, lasting 6 days, consisted of 21 trainees from 5 SCO members - Russia, Kyrghyzstan , Tadzhikistan , Kazakhstan , and Uzbekista... Friday 28,2018
ISEC Held 2018 Welcome Party and Talent Show for Mid-autumn Festival On the evening of September 25, ISEC 2018 Welcome Party and Talent Show for Mid-autumn Festival kicked off. 大连海事大学副校长赵友涛、校国际合作与交流处处长付先平出席此次活动并为获得2018年度中国政府优... Wednesday 26,2018
Closing Ceremony of 2018 International Training Class of BDS Technology and Application Held at DMU Hosted by National Remote Sensing Center and organized by Dalian Maritime University, the closing ceremony of 2018 International Training Class of BDS Technology and Application was held at International Lecture Hall of DMU on September 21.... Monday 24,2018
2018 ISEC Mid-autumn Festival Party for New Students On the evening of September 21, 2018 ISEC Mid-autumn Festival Party for New Students was held in the Tea Arts classroom of ISEC. This party was hosted by ISEC and assisted by VAFA, with the aim of promoting traditional Chinese culture and m... Saturday 22,2018
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