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City Tour for New International Students On September 4, over 80 international students attended City Tour specifically held for new students, which marked the start of Happy Weekend - a series of activities for international students to experience Chinese culture. Guided by VAFA... Sunday 18,2016
IEC Swimming Team Made a Historical Achievement in 2016 DMU Swimming Competition On June 5th 2016, DMU swimming competition was held at the university natatorium.IEC swimming team composed of 10 students from 5 countries made a historical achievement in this competition. Following are the competition results: Men 50m fr... Monday 20,2016
IEC Teachers Exchanged Teaching Experience of Preparatory Programs with Fellow University Teachers In line with work instruction of China Scholarship Council, Prof. Zhang and teachers - Yuting Cheng and Menglu Yu - of IEC Chinese training department from May 20th to June 1st visited two universities in Beijing and Changchun which house C... Friday 17,2016
IEC International Students Went Beijing to Experience Chinese Culture In order to have international students get a hands-on experience of Chinese culture and arouse their interests in Chinese language learning and practice, IEC took international exchange students to Beijing for the two-day experience-Chines... Monday 06,2016
IEC Participated in 2016 International Education Expo in Mongolia From April 22 to 25, 2016, International Education College (IEC) of Dalian Maritime University (DMU) was invited to participate in the International Education Expo held in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. The aim of this participation is to get a bett... Friday 03,2016
International Students Experienced Charm of Pottery-making On the afternoon of April 21st , IEC Chinese learning students attended a very fun class pottery-making class at the University Student Activity Center. The teacher taught students how to use the clay strip piling method to make vase, cup,... Monday 25,2016
Making Masks to Enjoy Peking Opera Art On April 7th, IEC Chinese training department held the culture activity named Making Masks to Enjoy Peking Opera Art. Before the activity, Ms. Li Yanan introduced the development of Pecking Opera, origins of Pecking Opera masks, and relatio... Friday 15,2016
Strawberry Picking Activity for International Students In the beautiful spring, more than 60 IEC international students, guided by Chinese training teachers, went to the strawberry plantation at Huacun, Jinzhou to pick strawberries. Before the activity, teachers introduced Chinese knowledge rel... Friday 01,2016
IEC Teachers and International Students Celebrated Chinese New Year On February 4 th , IEC teachers and international students who stayed on campus during the winter vacation jointly celebrated Chinese New Year as the traditional festival approached. Care and good wishes were delivered to students. IEC teac... Friday 01,2016
City Tour for IEC New Students On March 12 th , IEC held a city tour for new international students, which started this semesters Happy Sunday Series with aim to have students experience the local culture. This activity attracted more than 80 students. Guided by VAFA vol... Friday 01,2016
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