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Foreign Professor Theo Notteboom Delivered an Academic Report to International Students On the afternoon of November 12th, Theo Notteboom, a foreign professor of DMU and the former president of ITMMA (Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp) of University of Antwerp, Belgium, delivered to international students... Friday 13,2015
Associate Professor of Korea Maritime University, He Zhenzhe, Delivered Academic Lectures to Korean Students of DMU Invited by International Education College, He Zhenzhe, associate professor of Korea Maritime University delivered two lectures to Korean students of DMU respectively on Octerber 21st, and 23rd Global Leadership, To Uncertain Youth. Korean... Friday 23,2015
Overseas Students of International Education College Attended the 2015 Dalian International Business Starting and Innovation Summit On October 11th, the 2015 Dalian International Business Starting and Innovation Summit was held on Dalian World Exposition Square, which was initiated by Dalian municipal government and hosted by Dalian Human Resource and Social Security Bu... Monday 12,2015
IEC Held Classmates Meetings for New and Returning Students In order to make new international students (Class of 2015) get better involved in the academia and life of DMU, IEC held Classmates Meetings for Graduates and Undergraduates (Class of 2015) respectively on September 23rd, and 30th. Meeting... Thursday 01,2015
IEC students went Beijing for Chinese Culture experience For better understanding of Chinese culture and arousing interests in learning Chinese language, more than 30 international students of IEC went Beijing for cultural experience. The students from 10 countries, including Russia, Thai, Americ... Friday 29,2015
“Laowai” Learned How to Make Homemade Jiaozi Jiaozi is one of the major foods eaten during the Chinese New Year. On May 21st, international students of IEC had the chance to learn making tradition Jiaozi in Chinese Corner (pinyin: hanyujiao). At the beginning, they viewed an authentic... Friday 29,2015
IEC Undergraduates Attended the Congregation Ceremony of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The 2015 Congregation Ceremony of Saudi Arabian Graduates in China was held in Beijing on May 9th. In this year, 4 representatives of IEC undergraduates form Saudi Arabia attended this event. More than 100 graduates of this year from 30 uni... Sunday 10,2015
IEC Students visited the DMU’s Training Ship For enriching students campus life and deepening the knowledge of ocean culture, students of IEC had the chance to visit the training ship of DMU, the Vessel Yukun. YUKUN is the first training ship used for navigation education designated a... Thursday 23,2015
2015 Spring OITP Program Came to a Successful End IEC successfully held the 2015 Spring Singapore Polytechnic OITP Program ended on 17th April. In this year, 18 students from Singapore Maritime Academy, Singapore Polytechnic joined this program and spent six-week time studying and living o... Saturday 18,2015
International Students Enjoyed City Sightseeing New students of IEC went city sightseeing on the first weekend of new semester. This is the beginning of a semester-long series of weekend events. More than fifty international students attended this Sunday tour with companion of Chinese fr... Saturday 21,2015
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