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Embracing DMU Blue Gene, Experiencing Chinese Traditional Culture, A Series of Wonderful Online Lectures are Waiting for You
November 3, 2021


To DMU International students:



To help DMU international students around the world be close to the school, interact with top experts, as well as experience the splendid Chinese tradition culture, International Students Education Center (ISEC) will continue invite top experts and teachers to provide Blue Gene series of professional lectures, and Chinese traditional culture lectures all online to our international students in November and you are all welcome to attend.



    Blue Gene Professional Lectures

    To fully explore the advantages and resources of DMU in maritime, shipping, law and vessel industry education and research, ISEC has especially invited top experts of DMU to establish blue gene series professional lectures. The lecture experts are all with broad international view, strong academic ability, and profound scientific research background, who will introduce to our international students the professional knowledge as well as the updated development and future trend in the field of maritime, law, shipping etc. both in China and abroad.


    The Blue Gene professional lectures we are going to open for this semester are:

  2. IMO and Maritime ConventionsIMO and Effective Implementation of Maritime Conventions (10:00-11:30 am November 18th Beijing time)

  3. Practice learning on DMU training vessel YU KUN (10:00-11:30 am November 19th Beijing time)

  4. Introduction to Chinese Legal System (10:00-11:30 am November 22nd Beijing time)

  5. English in Maritime Industry (10:00-11:30 am November 24th Beijing time)


  6. Chinese Traditional Cultural Lectures:

    To help our international students have a closer view of China and Chinese traditional culture, ISEC will continue to open Chinese culture lectures this semester and teachers with rich teaching experience and profound cultural bases will provide the lectures including:

  7. Chinese Traditional Drawing, Chinese Tea Ceremony (14:00-17:00 November 18th Beijing time)

  8. Chinese Martial Arts (16:30-18:00 November 19th Beijing time)

  9. Chinese Traditional Handcraft (14:00-15:30 November 22nd Beijing time)

  10. Chinese Calligraphy (14:00-15:30 November 24th Beijing time


  11. Notes:

  12. All the above lectures will be conducted online with duration as around 1.5 hours for each.

  13. The teaching medium of Blue Gene professional lectures will be in English and for Chinese traditional cultural lectures will be in Chinese and English.

  14. All the above lectures are optional without credit, and all DMU international students are welcome to participate.

  15. Detailed information and schedule of the lectures will be notified later and please keep on following us.

  16. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding above information. Contact email:









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