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Notice about Mid-autumn Day and Chinese National Day Holiday
September 13, 2021

Dear International Students:


September 21stis Chinese traditional Mid-autumn Day, and October 1stis Chinese National Day. According to related arrangements of school and upper level departments, according to practical situation of international students, here we have following notice regarding arrangements of Mid-autumn holiday and National Day holiday:

  1. Holiday duration and class arrangement:

    The duration of Mid-autumn Day holiday will be from Sept. 19th(Sunday) to 21st(Tuesday), totally 3 days. Classes continue on Sept. 18th(Saturday) following course schedule of Sept. 20th(Monday).

    The duration of Chinese National Day holiday will be from Oct. 1st(Friday) to 3rd(Sunday), totally 3 days. Classes will re-start from Oct. 4th(Monday) following course schedule of 6thacademic week. (There is no break from Oct. 4thto 7th.)

  2. Warm reminds during the holiday:


    1)Please continuously strengthen pandemic control and prevention measures, protect yourselves well, avoid crowded areas and medium or high risk places. Please continue to report your physical condition and travel routine everyday on time.

    2)The campus will continue closed-off management during the holiday. Students living on campus that have to leave school temporarily because of special reasons, please report to An laoshi or Wang laoshi of Student Affairs Office of ISEC in advance and finish required application procedures. One can leave campus temporarily after getting approval from ISEC and please return to school within required time.

    3)Please take care of your personal belongs, dormitory safety, fire safety, water and electricity safety during the holiday and avoid all kinds of accidents. Please do not participate in any illegal activities. For any emergencies, please immediately contact ISEC.

    4)Please be noted that , to ensure safety and well being of all students and staff members of school, during the pandemic control period, all students living off campus or out of China should not return to school without formal approval from ISEC. And all students living on campus should not leave school without formal approval from ISEC.


    5)Emergency contact information:

    Security office of DMU: 84724110

Students Affairs Office of ISEC

An Laoshi:

Tel:84729210, Wechat:angang0128

Wang Laoshi:

Tel:84729210, Wechat:tiechuimeimei0623



Wish you all a happy holiday!


International Students’Education Center

September 13th2021

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