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Welcome Joining Us and Expecting Future Meeting
September 10, 2021

With Summer ending and Autumn coming, at the beginning of September, the returning of students made the campus vivid again.


While strictly following related rules and regulations of pandemic control, International Students’ Education Center (ISEC) of DMU is actively preparing for welcoming international students meeting with returning requirements to come to campus.


On the date of coming to school, teachers of ISEC waited at the gate of school to welcome new international students and help them finishing required evaluation procedures


Assigning dormitory rooms, information registration, with the help of teachers, returning students finished registration procedure smoothly


All accommodation facilities have been well prepared and online education has commenced as schedule, a solid and energetic DMU has started the engine.

As influenced by pandemic situation around the world, most of international students are abroad and can not come to campus currently. But please remember that all teachers and students at DMU are expecting your early returning, and we will try our best to make sure the online education of all international students going on smoothly. Let’s work together with mutual trust, focus on current study and work with positive attitude and prepare for the future with continuous effort. We expect to meet all of you around the world on DMU campus in the new future and greet each other hand in hand.

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