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Founded in 1909, Dalian Maritime University (DMU) is one of the largest and best maritime universities and is the only key maritime institution under the Ministry of Transport, China. Regarding “Scientific Navigation” as its educational feature and through years’ of hard work and development, DMU today enjoys a high reputation internationally as an excellent center of maritime education and training as recognized by the International Maritime Organization. As a comprehensive university, DMU also provides complete sets of academic disciplines at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including liberal arts, science, engineering, management, law, economics, philosophy, and foreign languages.
About IEC

The International Education College was established in May 2009 (renamed as the International Students Education Center in October 2017) as the centralized management unit for international student education, which is responsible for coordinating the enrollment and training, daily management, teaching and research of Chinese as a foreign language of the university, as well as the relevant coordination and liaison of student training in Sri Lankan campus.

The International Students Education Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is located at the bank of Xinhai Lake in the campus. It has one teaching building dedicated to international students with complete facilities and advanced equipment, covering an area of 3000 square meters, and more than 20 multimedia classrooms, providing a modern teaching environment for Chinese courses, professional courses, traditional cultural courses, etc; The center also has two apartment buildings for overseas students, namely Yihua 1 and Yihua 2, covering an area of 15800 square meters, which can provide more than 600 beds, equipped with self-study room, conference room, book area and other public facilities, to create a comfortable, convenient and humanized learning and living environment.

Relying on the university's strong strength and resource advantages, the Center has built a teaching and research team with high academic level, strong professional ability and rich teaching experience after years of efforts and exploration. It has established an international management team with strong sense of responsibility, high comprehensive quality and excellent professional ability. It has built a set of management systems for studying in China with distinctive professional characteristics. Rich cultural accumulation and clear division of responsibilities have been formed,and a series of characteristic study programs that meet national and international standards have been launched, gradually improving the international influence and competitiveness of the "Study in DMU" brand.

With the support of the university and its superior departments, the center has focused on attracting excellent technical, management and scientific research talents from government departments, enterprises and institutions in the field of transportation in the countries along the the Belt and Road, as well as the sister universities of the World Maritime University Federation to study in the university through scholarship projects such as the Chinese Government Scholarship, the Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship, and the Dalian Maritime University Scholarship for Outstanding International Students, ensuring the quality of international student education.

The university's training programs for international students include: undergraduate, master's, doctor's, Chinese language training, undergraduate preparatory courses, professional training, study tours and other academic and non academic programs. In addition to the Chinese teaching program, the university has built all English teaching programs at the master's and doctoral level around the double first-class construction discipline group. By the end of 2022, 22 all English teaching postgraduate programs have been established, including Marine Science and Technology, Marine Engineering, Logistics Engineering and Management, Law, Business Administration, Computer Science and Technology, and Environmental Science and Engineering, which greatly meet the demand for all English teaching programs in the international market for studying in China.

Organizational Structure

Admissions Department ( 403 Office)

       Office chief: Jing Dinan

In charge of office daily affairs, admission issues of government scholarship and exchange programs.


Program manager: Chen Nannan

In charge of admission issues of self-funded degree programs, undergraduate preparatory program, scholar programs and Chinese learning programs.

Tel: 0086-411-84723637

Program manager: Zhang Xin

In charge of admission issues of self-funded degree programs, undergraduate preparatory program, scholar programs and Chinese learning programs.

Tel: 0086-411-84723305

Educational Administration Department (412 Office)

Office chief: Yao Bing

In Charge of student management and academic affairs.

Tel: 0086-411-84727558


Instructor of international students: An Gang

In charge of management of students' daily life, including affairs of insurance, reservation of accommodation and picking-up in the airport.


Comprehensive Service Department ( 405 Office)

Visa manager: Dai Xueqi

In charge of visa issues.

Tel: 0086-411-84723093


Chinese Training Department ( 407 Office)

       Office chief: Zhang Ping

Tel: 0086-411-84723736


       Beginning-intermediate teaching group leader: Cheng Yuting

Tel: 0086-411-84723736



Intermediate-advanced teaching group leader: Li Yanan

Tel: 0086-411-84723736


International Development Department (401 Office)

       Office chief: Shenia

In charge of office daily affairs; promotion of Dalian Maritime University abroad; development of cooperative international relations; providing training, consultation and assistance services for students; management of the activities organized by AISA.


Statistics and Archives Department (406 Office)   


Office Chief:Wang Ying

In charge of official documents notification, and general financial issues.


Accountant:Zuo Hai Rong

Responsible for charging tuition, and keeping accounts.