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DMU International Students Interviewed by CGTN
October 17, 2021

To contribute to the 2nd United Nations Global Conference on Sustainable Transport, collaboratively organized by Transport Management Institute of Ministry of Transport and China Merchants Foundation, and jointly participated by industry institutions around the country, the Global Sustainable Transport Talent (GSTT) Training Program has been commenced from 13th Oct. in Beijing. The program aims at providing platform for young international talents to communicate about sustainable development of transport, enhance mutual exchanges and share good experiences. 22 DMU international students were invited to attend the training program together with other 58 international students of transport industry universities around China and during the training program, they will attend lectures, practicing, observation and seminars together.

On Oct. 15th, while observing Highway Traffic Test Site of Ministry of Transport, DMU international students representatives MASSAMBA-COURTOIS JOANES BENEDICTE, WAISS ALI ADEN, MLEPO ANDREW THOMAS, NOVIKOVA KSENIIA were interviewed by CGTN French channel, sharing their views on the 2nd United Nations Global Conference and speech of President Xi Jinping, their achievements during the training program, their expectations of transport sustainability and future cooperation between China and other countries.

In the interview, MASSAMBA-COURTOIS JOANES BENEDICTE said that as an PhD students majoring in Environment Science and Engineering in Dalian Maritime University (DMU) who also finished bachelors and masters degree here, she has witnessed the positive influence One Belt and One Road initiative brought to the world, the strong commitment of Chinese government and solidarity of Chinese people against COVID-19, the friendliness of Chinese people to the world and the great potential of Chinese transport development.

She said the sustainable development of Chinese transport has been recognized worldwide, which also provide great support to other countries transport development especially developing countries. GSTT training program has provided a great platform for international students in China to have more profound understanding of Chinese transport and its experience.

For the future, she said, transport should develop in a sustainable way, and so is environment. President Xi Jinping has always been paying great attention to sustainable development, and has put peak carbon dioxide emissions, carbon neutral into the agenda of Chinese ecological civilization construction. She hopes to bring the knowledge learned in Dalian Maritime University into practice to make contribution to Chinese Low-carbon transition, the development of her own country, and the shared future of all human community.

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