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Prospective students should carefully review all the information in the admission section of our website in order to thoroughly understand our application process.To successfully apply, the student should submit the online application at   and pay the application fee before the application deadline. The formal notification of your admission or denial will be announced via online application system. You will be required to send us all the application documents and pay deposit to confirm your place at DMU if your application is accepted. Once you have confirmed your place on the program, we will issue an official enrollment letter and additional important documentation, including Visa Application for Study in China.

English Taught Programs
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    Application Qualification
    The applicant must be a foreign citizen in good health, aged between 18 and 50, possessing a valid passport and a Master Degree.
    Applicant used to have a Chinese nationality should hold a valid foreign passport or other nationality certificate issued at least 4 years ago. Moreover, during the last 4 years (up to 30th April in the year of admission), the length of residence in that country should be more than 2 years.

    Application Materials
    1. Application Form for International Students to Study at Dalian Maritime University ( Please print out your application form through online application system after having submitted your application. )
    2. Photocopy of the personal information page of passport (photocopy of a valid Chinese visa is required to submit if an applicant is in China upon application)
    3. Notarized bachelor’s degree certificate, master’s degree certificate or Enrollment Certificate of master’s degree study (applicable to this year’s graduates who haven’t received the degree certificate)
    4. Notarized all official transcripts of undergraduate study and master’s degree study
    5. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors
    6. Study Plan, including personal information, education background, work experience, and academic research proposal (no fewer than 3000 Chinese characters in Chinese or no fewer than 2500 words in English).
    Internationally recognized certificate of proficiency in English (TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC or other certificates) for English-medium program applicants
    Applicants without a certificate as above mentioned should pass English level test organized by DMU so as to be admitted to attend the doctoral degree programs in English-medium.

    1. Application Deadline: each June 30th
    2. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
    3. Students who are studying in China should also provide a study certificate and transcripts issued by the institution.

    Applicants need submit application before
    the deadline through the online system

    English-medium Doctoral Degree Programs

    Faculty Major Research Orientation Duration of Study
    ( academic year)
    Navigation College Marine Traffic Engineering Maritime Traffic Theory and Applied Technology  
    Navigation Science and Technology Ship navigation theory and technology, maritime intelligent transportation 4
    Traffic Information Engineering and Control Traffic information engineering and control system, traffic information engineering and control of key technologies, traffic information system, intelligent transportation system theory and technology, transport security and protection technology 4
    Marine Engineering College Marine Engineering Modern Marine Management Engineering, Mechatronics, Marine Automation and Intelligent, Marine Safety and Pollution Control Technology 4
    Information Science and Technology College Computer Application Technology Usability and Human-Computer Interaction Design, Software Methodology and Software Engineering, Intelligent Data Analysis and Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence Application Technology, Pattern Recognition, Network and Cloud Computing 4
    Information and Communication Engineering Navigation and radar information system, theory and technology of radio frequency communication, water traffic control and communication technology, mobile communication theory and technology, photoelectric information detection and processing, signal and image processing theory and technology 4
    Transportation Engineering College Logistics Engineering and Management Logistics system optimization, modern logistics technology economic analysis and simulation, urban logistics network optimization design, logistics system planning and management, logistics system planning and development strategy, modern logistics and supply chain management 4
    Environmental Science and Engineering College Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Pollution Control and Rehabilitation, Environmental...