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Visa Service
IEC holds collective visa application at the beginning and the end of each semester; Students who need this kind of service should submit visa application materials and visa fee within stipulated time period. Students who miss collective visa application should first come to Student Affairs Office for school letter 30 days earlier than visa expiry date, then go to Dalian PSB for visa application. Self-funded and partial scholarship students should complete all payments so as to apply for a visa. 
Registration of Accommodation
Foreigners living in China should, in accordance with the law, apply for registration of accommodation in 24 hours after arrival in China. This can be done in cooperation with the student is staying, in most cases a temporary accommodation registration form will need to be filled in.
If you live on campus at Dalian Maritime University then staff at the university can assist you to fill such forms out. However if you live off campus then you need to promptly go to the local police station, if you are renting a house then you will need help from your landlord putting all the relevant documents together.
Special notice should be made to the fact that in the event of a change of passport, visa or change of address you must within
10 days re-apply for accommodation registration, otherwise you will be regarded as an illegal resident.