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ISEC Staff and International Students are Greatly Encouraged by President Xi’ s Message
May 22, 2020

Chinese president Xi Jinping replied to letter from Pakistani students studying inthe University ofScience and Technology Beijing (USTB) on May 17th. In his letter, Xi extended welcome to excellent youth from all countries in the world to study in China. He encouraged the students to communicate more with their Chinese peers and join hands with youth from all countries to contribute to promoting people-to-people connectivity and building a community with a shared future for humanity. The Chinese government and people put people's lives first and treat foreigners in the country the same as Chinese nationals, making no exception in offering them care, Xi wrote.

Upon receiving this information, the International Students’Education Center (ISEC) was greatly encouraged and actively sent the message to international students, transferring care and concern from Chinese government. All staff members have carefully learned the letter and deeply felt the concern and expectation of Chinese governments toward international students as well as the important mission of international students education in aspects of promoting mutual connection of peoples from different countries, and enhancing community with a shared future for humanity. ISEC will take this opportunity to review previous progress, enhance future mission, and improve work and service continuously to make more contribution to the connotative development of international students education.

The letter also received active response from our international students. They expressed their gratitude to Chinese government and people for their care and concern, and expected to make more contribution to the culture exchange, people to people connection, and the shared future of humanity.

It was May 18th since the Covid19 has been almost settled down in China and is settling down throughout the globe. Although we the students thanked President, his excellency Mr. Xi and got his wonderful response, but his thought process to have a‘future of a share-mankind’has a lot more to reconsider. The globalization has eased us but at the same time is complex and steady. To drive share mankind vision, we have to think like President. Xi, eradication of poverty, global energy interconnect, curb corruption totally, and save environment for human health.

This pandemic has made a lot of realities crystal clear, the humans are sharing the future of health, ecological and economical systems, by this mean and to have sustainable future the key is youth to change the generations. We are not calling for revolt, just to evolve steady and sustained, thanks Mr President, Xi, for enlightening our visions.

——BUTT M JAHANZEB, Pakistani 2018 batch doctoral degree student of Law major


“We are very thankful to President Xi and the whole Chinese nation that how they helped us all international students during this hardest time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Again special gratitude towards China for their help of Pakistani nation because now the situation is getting critical in Pakistan and China showed its brotherhood towards Pakistan and helping them by giving medical and financial support.

Pakistan was one of the first countries that recognized the People’s Republic of China as an independent country. And now is the second time we all Pakistani's admire that People’s Republic of China is one of the best countries in the world.”

——ASHRAF RIZWAN, Pakistani 2018 batch master’s degree students of Computer Science and Technology


With joint efforts of all people including foreigners in China, China has withstood the test of pandemic during the most difficult period. The country is gradually restarting work and production under the basic of“guarding against external input and internal rebound”. The pandemic will finally be defeated and the normal life will finally recover. The whole ISEC staff member and students are actively preparing for the next step work, study and future plan. The message from President Xi just came at the right time to give us direction, courage and belief. We share the future with hope and responsibilities, and let’s forge ahead with one heart and mind.

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September 9, 2017