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This section covers the academic calendar of the university, academic issues including course categories, class enrollment, grades, credits, graduation requirements etc. for current students of different programs, so that students of different programs will be able to have a brief view on the study life of the university. We hope all current students would take the most advantage of university resources, make each moment count and enjoy studying at DMU.
Non-degree Students
Academic Schedule
Dalian Maritime University’s academic year is comprised of two semesters: the Spring Semester and the Autumn Semester. The duration of each semesters is usually 20 weeks each, having their last 2 weeks scheduled for course reviews and examinations.
Every year, the new academic year usually starts from end of August or beginning of September which is the start of Autumn Semester. The Spring Semester usually starts from end of February or beginning of March.
Every year, the summer holiday usually starts from middle of July which lasts for about 5 weeks. The winter holiday usually starts from middle of January which lasts for about 7 weeks.
For detailed schedule of each semester, please refer to academic calendar.

All students have to register on their designated day of registration. Please pay attention to the notice from International Education College at the end of each semester about the time requirement of registration for the new semester.
Students should register in person and should have already paid their tuition fees prior to their registration. One can not register without finishing the payment.
New students should go to Admission Office of International Education College for registration. Continuing students should go to Student Affairs Office for registration.
If a student cannot register on his/her designated time of registration, he/she is required to apply for a leave of absence in advance. For those who failed to register on time and did not apply for a leave of absence, their absence will be recorded as an act of truancy or an unexcused absence in their attendance record. Students who have not registered two weeks after their designated day of registration will be dismissed from the university.

Class Enrollment
• For Chinese language training students, those who are absent from more than 1/3 of the total class hours will not be issued Completion Certificate. For Preparatory students, those who are absent from more than 1/4 of the total class hours will not be issued Completion Certificates. The compulsory courses and optional courses will be arranged by International Education College.
• For professional scholars, those who are absent from more than 1/3 of the total class hours will not be issued Completion Certificate. International Education College will guide the scholar on choosing courses according to the category of the student and course schedule of the major. The scholar can attend classes after being approved by the class teachers.

Student Identification Card
Students will be given student cards of Dalian Maritime University after finishing registration.
International students’ student cards are issued by Academic Affairs Office of International Education College. If the student card is missing, please go to Academic Affairs Office to apply for a new one.
The student card is an import ID card. Students are not allowed to lend and borrow student cards.

Procedures for Leaving the University
International students should obtain a “Form of Leaving the University” from Academic Affairs Office within required time after they have finished their study and finish the following procedures:
(1) settle related financial affairs;
(2) cancel the student card;
(3) if living in the dormitory, check out and return keys;
(4) receive transcript and certificates;

Note: Students should leave the university within 2 weeks upon graduation or study completion. Those who leave the university without finishing above mentioned procedures will not be issued transcripts or certificates. Those who continue to study in the university for the next semester will be issued Completion Certificate when finishing the study in the future.