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This section covers the academic calendar of the university, academic issues including course categories, class enrollment, grades, credits, graduation requirements etc. for current students of different programs, so that students of different programs will be able to have a brief view on the study life of the university. We hope all current students would take the most advantage of university resources, make each moment count and enjoy studying at DMU.
Holidays in China

All international students are to enjoy the same school holidays as the Chinese Students. The university does not schedule any school breaks for foreign holidays/celebrations. Students may find the university’s holiday schedule in the academic calendar. Furthermore, the web pages of DMU and ISEC will announce the details of the holiday schedules before the holidays take place.
The following are the prominent holidays (winter and summer break are not included).
January 1st New Year Holiday
April 5th Qingming Festival
May 1st Labors’ Day
May 5th(Lunar calendar) Dragon-boat Festival
August 15th (Lunar calendar) Mid-autumn Festival
October 1st National Holidays

Travel in China
Before the travel, please inform the office your plan in case of emergency. When you are traveling in China, you must bring along with you your passport and take care of your belongings.
Your travel destination must be one that is open to visitors/foreigners. You must not enter restricted areas/regions that are prohibited to visitors/foreigners without obtaining prior approval from the Chinese authorities. Otherwise, you will face persecution by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. Students who need to enter the restricted areas/regions for research purposes must apply for the appropriate authorization in order to set foot these places.
Find out more about travel and tours at website: The website also provides students with the information needed to plan their travel itinerary and also for them to book their travel tickets and hotel rooms.