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Congratulations on your completion of the study here. Please follow the following procedures for leaving the university, taking transcripts and related certificates. We hope you could make the most of what you have learned at DMU to realize your dream and make a difference to the world. No matter where you are, DMU is always here ready to support all of you and we wish you all the best for your future career and life. 
Transcripts & Related Certificates
International students that graduated after 2009 and would like to apply for transcripts or certificates of study can contact Academic Affairs Office of International Education College. Please refer to the following information:
(1) Application methods:

A: go to the Academic Affairs Office in person;
B: apply by mail or email;
C: authorize others to apply.
(2) Required materials:
A:effective personal ID (passport etc.);
B:application letter clarifying applicants name (Chinese and English name), nationality, date of birth, college your major was affiliated to, study period, student category, what you apply for etc.;
C:when a person is authorized to apply, an authorization letter and the authorized person’s ID certificate are required;
D : copies of the original graduation certificate, degree certificate, or transcript.

Contact information of Academic Affairs Office of International Education College, Dalian Maritime University:
Address: 412 Room of International Education College, Dalian Maritime University
Phone no: 86-411-84727558